Working party

Next Saturday, 27th October, we are holding a working party at church following the 9am Mass. With autumn in full swing there is plenty of work to be done in the churchyard; gathering leaves and chestnuts, clearing out the gutters, cutting back overgrown branches, checking the state of the roof etc… There are also plenty of jobs inside with brass to be polished, general cleaning and tidying up. I plan to clear out the store cupboard (again!) and will be after volunteers to take items to the tip. Hopefully you will not need to get your hands quite as dirty as I did when planting the Blackthorne as above.

The industry will end in good time for those attending the blessing of the new parish room in Wateringbury to get there. So why not make a day of it? But even if you cannot make the visit of the Ordinary to Wateringbury do feel free to come and lend a hand at church in the morning. As the old saying goes; the more, the merrier!

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