Timmy Ali

Yesterday evening my good friend from Tunbridge Wells rugby club, Tim McCabe, who has worshipped with us at St. Anselm’s, and once helped host an infamous quiz night in the village, took to the ring for a white collar boxing night in aid of neck and head cancer.

Whilst my default position is to abuse Tim and insult him with banter, which is how we men show love for one another, today I can only sing his praises. For he was simply magnificent as he gave his all for a worthy cause. And it has been inspirational to see him train for over seven months, on a harsh regime of diet and fitness,  even if it did turn him into a crushing bore when the boys were meeting for beers. It puts me to shame.

What made this fight all the more emotional and meaningful for Timmy is that his original opponent, a close friend of his called Farzad, tragically died of a heart attack earlier this year. You may remember that we prayed for him, and for his young family, at Mass. Tim therefore wanted to honour his friend by giving his all and making the night a huge success. He did precisely that boxing with surprising skill for the full three rounds before, in scenes reminiscent of Rocky Balboa, knocking down his opponent with a final left hook. It had the crowd cheering and social media went haywire as all his mates rejoiced in his success. The night also raised a huge amount for charity.

Well done Tim McCabe. That was awesome and something to be proud of. Boom! What a punch! The photograph above shows the seconds after impact.

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