The Epiphany

Gus rather enjoyed his role as Balthasar in the school nativity play this year. His line ‘we have come to worship the new born King’ was a fitting reminder of our devotional obligation during Christmastide.

This Sunday we celebrate the visitation of the magi in Church for it will be the feast of the Epiphany. To honour it we shall hold a special carol service at 6:30pm to which all are warmly invited. It will be followed by refreshment. The Advent and Christmas carol services were delightful. Do let us ensure, via our presence, that the final carol service is also a success.

At the 8am, 9:15am and 11am Mass, as is our parish custom, we shall bless and distribute Epiphany chalk which is then taken to our homes to mark them out for the Lord. And during Mass the movable feasts for the year will be intoned. A reminder that we have an obligation to be present in church for the great feasts of the Christian year. What a gift they are to the faithful!

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1 thought on “The Epiphany

  1. “The magi demand we broaden our horizons a little”

    I’ve been absent from blogs for a bit (wish I’d stayed a bit longer where it was sunny and warm) and am surprised that there are no comments on this article.
    I think that this is one of the more informative and thought provoking articles I’ve encountered on the Magi and their journey. Even the very origin(s) and meaning of the term throughout its history are somewhat uncertain. The early church fathers used the Greek term in its then ordinary meaning of magician. To me, two things stand out. As you have noted the journey is one of faith inspired by divine guidance and leading to a goal. If follows in the tradition of Abraham and the Exodus. We all have such prompting but some fail to understand and neglect it and others come back to it. The other5, often neglected point, is that it indicates that the birth of The Redeemer is for all men who will accept him. The fruits of The Incarnation, Crucifixion and Resurrection are not reserved for any particular nation. The nature of the guiding light for the Magi is of interest to me and suggest the Guidance off the Exodus at work.

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