Pre-Lent approaches

The season of Pre-Lent, once kept by all Christendom, has largely been neglected in the era following the Second Vatican Council. This is a shame because the season of pre-Lent – with its Sundays of Septuagesima, Quinquagesima and sexagesima, schedules time for healthy Lenten preparation. It was, and is, a means of encouraging the faithful to spiritually get ready for the oncoming penitential feast.

Lose pre-Lent and the danger is Lent can rather sneak up on you and, before you know it, it is already half way done and you haven’t purchased your Lent reading, set aside money for almsgiving or prepared a good confession. So I delight in the fact that pre-Lent was fully restored within the Ordinariate. What a precious gift it is. Let us make full use of it.

This coming Sunday is the first in pre Lent. Because it is not yet Lent- the purple frontal will not be erected until Ash Wednesday. However vestments will turn purple as this is the appropriate liturgical colour for the season. The asperges will also be held at bay until Lent is under way but we shall note a penitential tone creeping into the propers and prayers at Divine Worship Mass. Our minds being deliberately turned towards Lent.

To make proper use of Pre-Lent spend the next three weeks ordering your reading material. I will provide some suggestions on this blog in the coming days. You are also encouraged to give thought to what you will forsake during Lent to build up self discipline. To set aside funds for the poor. And to begin preparing for a worthy confession. In other words use pre-Lent to get truly ready- for a good Lent started well leads to a great Easter and the guarantee of blessings in life.

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1 thought on “Pre-Lent approaches

  1. I was surprised to see CofE parishes advertising 5th and 4th Sunday before Lent (and others sticking with ‘after Epiphany’); I have dubbed these Octuagesima and Nonagesima. I’m guessing they are not that pentitential just another annoying change.

    The worst thing is, after burying the Alleluia on Septuagesima Even to then be confronted by ‘All creatures of our God and King’ the next day, with it’s 104 alleluias!

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