Ash Wednesday 2019

It is Ash Wednesday. The vestments are laid out for Mass. Please note it will take place at 7pm to allow time for the first session of our 2019 confirmation class which will take place immediately afterwards.

The confirmation course is open to anybody who wants to deepen their knowledge of the faith. Just pop along after 7pm Mass on any Wednesday in term time if you can make it. Confirmands need to commit every week but non confirmands are free to dip in and out as suits.

Today I shall be imposing ashes in prison and this evening in church. Lent is here so do try and make the most of it. See it as a gift to be treasured; a time for drawing closer to God and deepening your relationship with him. Ensure you do give something up that involves genuine sacrifice…for only this ensures we learn how to say NO to the self and develop the disciplines encouraged by such mortification. Put some money aside for the poor. Read something edifying and spend extra time in devotion and prayer.

The Stations of the Cross will be prayed throughout Lent on Sunday evenings at 6:30pm. Each week we use a different set of reflections. Confession- which you must make in Lent – takes place from 6pm-7pm every Wednesday or by appointment. We will announce our Lent Charity this coming Sunday and a collection box will be placed in church.

And remember that Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are fast days. Here is a very helpful infographic to remind you of your obligation as a Catholic.

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  1. It is interesting to compare the Roman Rite Lent with that of the Ambrosian Rite of Milan. It is another example of the “unity does not mean uniformity” message.

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