Tonbridge Lent talks

Our neighbouring parish of Corpus Christi in Tonbridge has recently installed this new reredos to the sanctuary and it has added real beauty and dignity to worship. This Lent they are holding a series of lectures, based on the last words of Christ from the cross, in thanksgiving for the reredos. Everyone is very welcome to attend and I commend them to members of St. Anselm’s congregation.

The half hour talks take place at 8pm every day this week and are repeated on the following mornings at 10:30am following Mass at 10am. Tuesday, by kind invitation of Father Peter Murphy, I am delivering the lecture and have been given the interchange between Christ and the penitent thief to ponder. My theme will be the desperate need in our day for an end to the age of nominal Catholicism and for a new era of convicted Catholicism based on authentic interior conversion. Why not come along tonight or for one of the future lectures?

Here in Pembury our confirmation course begins tomorrow night, Wednesday, after Mass at 7pm. The course is not a closed group but open to all members of the congregation who feel some catechesis would be useful. It is good to revisit what we believe and why. After all you “cannot love what you do not know” -wisdom from the mouth of St. Anselm himself.

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