Babies everywhere!

The Texans have a lovely phrase to put those who grumble about the noise of small children at Mass in place. “A church without crying is a church that is dying!” This suggests Pembury must be in rude health at present as we celebrate the birth of several babies in recent months!

First up was baby Agnes, born last year. She was followed by baby David. Now congratulations turn to Roy and Beverley Cavey whose second child, Alice, arrived a few days ago. She is pictured in these photos. What a cutie! Roy is currently training for the diaconate and will be made the second deacon for our parish this summer in St. George’s Cathedral, Southwark.

And we are not done yet! John and Laura were given a special blessing at Mass last Tuesday, the day before Laura’s due date. So any day we expect Alice to be overtaken as youngest member of our congregation.

Marriage and the family are integral to Catholic faith. We delight at the birth of children viewing them all, from the moment of conception, as embodied souls precious to God. So who is next? Let’s grow a new generation of Catholics, teaching them by word and example in the home. Pray for the babies of our parish.

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