Holy Week thus far

Holy Week has started well in Pembury. On Palm Sunday we gathered on the village green for our Palm Sunday procession, which was held before the 9:15am Mass . At 8am and 11am we opted for the more simple blessing of palms. Attendance at the three services was most encouraging. We had over 150 present over the course of the morning- which for a small village church where the attendance averaged around 75-80 five years ago, and against a backdrop of religious decline, is something to thank God for.

On Monday evening we held Mass at 7pm. After this a few of us watched Mel Gibson’s ‘the Passion’. I had forgotten just how hard hitting and good a film it is. The perfect reminder of what it is we are celebrating this week. Mass was offered yesterday evening and tonight we hold the service of Tenebrae- the ancient office that commemorates Christ’s sacrifice and helps us meditate on the Old Testament passages that foretold it.

The full schedule of services is below. Do join us at all and any of them. Our resident photographer, Brian, is going to be there to record in images our devotions. It only remains for me to wish Deacon Robert a happy birthday. He gets to spend it meditating on Judas vile betrayal! Still it could have fallen this Friday!

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1 thought on “Holy Week thus far

  1. Notre Dame
    I think that your grief is shared by large numbers of folk including those outside the church. But more has survived than many thought possible and rebuliding will be done. But five years seems a bit ambitious. I suupose that a functional structure could be in place in that time-frame but much longer would be needed to finish the job.

    On a more personal note, that picture of the Cross standing firm and shining through the chaos could stand as a messge for us. The Lord’s holy ecclesia is surrounded by and partially obscured by debris and grime but that cross reminds us of the Crucifixion and Resurrection and that He stands firm and above it all. The true glory of The Risen Lord and His church will shine forth again when the garbage has been cleared away and the (spiritual?) damage has been repaired – a symbol of hope for some perhaps.
    Happy Easter to all.

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