Catholics in Japan

Each year our parish hosts a special summer holiday club for primary school aged children. It all began with ‘Catholics on Safari’ which was followed by ‘Catholics in Space’ ‘Catholics under the Sea’ ‘Catholics in India’ and, last year, ‘Catholics in the Wild West’ (pictured below)

This year we head East for ‘Catholics in Japan’ which will run from 29th – 31st July. Children bring a packed lunch each day, drinks and snacks are provided, and they will enjoy lots of craft activities and games as well as instruction on the faith. We end with a special Mass, to which parents are invited, and share the good work which the children have done.

The club is always popular and for the last few years has been over-subscribed. So get names in early if you wish to book a place and avoid disappointment. One of my son’s best friends is half Japanese and his mother has been signed up to help and bring some authentic Japanese culture to the children. Until the summer- sayonara!

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