Roll out the barrel

We are set for a busy weekend of rejoicing. Today, after 9am parish Mass, I travel to London to be present at the Ordination of Rev. Alasdair Ferguson to be made priest of the Catholic church. He will then have full pastoral care of our daughter church in Wateringbury where the Maidstone Ordinariate Group is based. He is pictured here in Anglican days planting a tree!

Tomorrow we have baptism at 8am, a said Mass at 9:15am and our principle celebration- a Solemn Mass with first communions and confirmations -at 11am. With 8 confirmation candidates and 4 first communion candidates, all bringing guests, seats will be on a first come and first served basis. So do get to Mass in good time and do bring a warm coat if staying for the BBQ.

The forecast is for a pleasant day with mainly sunny spells but there could well be an occasional shower. On the plus side we have a full barrel of Tonbridge Coppernob (biretta tip to Tunbridge Wells Rugby Club for provision) as well as wine and soft drinks, and we have lots of delicious food being prepared. Don’t forget to bring a salad or desert with you for the table and a crisp £5 to cover the cost of meat. Our expert chef, Mr Michael Bland, is doubtless polishing his spatula in anticipation!

The celebrant at the 11am Mass will be Mgr. Keith Newton, the Ordinary. The baptism in the early morning is for the youngest sibling of one of our first communion candidates, Sara. They are having the baptism the same day to enable visiting family from Poland to attend. What a lot of sacramental grace is sweeping through our parish this weekend!

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