Photographs from a sacramental weekend

On Saturday Fr. Alasdair Ferguson was ordained priest of the Catholic church at an ordination service that took place within the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and St. Gabriel in Golden Square, London. He then offered Mass the following day at our daughter church in Wateringbury. It was very pleasing to see him reach this important milestone.

On Sunday our usual 8am Mass was replaced with a baptism for one of the youngest members of our congregation, Philip. The baptism was arranged to coincide with first communions because his sister, Sara, was a candidate. This meant visiting Polish family could be present at both services. It proved a delightful service during which we reflected on the need to teach children by example not words. If we want our children to grow in faith we must model living faith for them.

Father Nicholas celebrated the 9:15am Mass which was surprisingly busy given that many came at 11am. Meanwhile I heard the confessions of the confirmation candidates. It was then time for the principle service of the day at which Monsignor Keith was celebrant. He admitted four children to Holy Communion and eight candidates were confirmed.

Meanwhile some of those who attended the 9:15am Mass swung into action. Trudy and Janet headed up catering in the kitchen, the laying out of salads and deserts and preparing the tables. Meanwhile Liz and Mike braved the last of the inclement weather to get the BBQ going. We have been enduring a dismal June so both were sensibly wrapped up in their raincoats!

Despite showers in the morning the rain held off once the BBQ began. And everyone enjoyed the food. In addition to burgers and hotdogs we had some Polish sausages donated by the family of Sara and Philip.

One of the mothers of our congregation made a special cake which was cut by the newly confirmed and distributed amongst the congregation. It was delicious. And many enjoyed washing it down with local ale brewed a few miles away in Tonbridge.

Our congratulations then to those who so richly received God’s grace this weekend. It was a joyous occasion for our little parish. It might also have been one of the best attended Sundays in St. Anselm’s history with standing room only at 11am, leaving Mgr. Newton to note that we are outgrowing our church. What a wonderful problem to face…

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