Holy Smoke!

Have you discovered the Spectator’s Holy Smoke Podcast yet? Run by Damian Thompson, editor of the Catholic Herald, it focuses on current affairs in the religious world and is always worth a listen, especially for Catholics. I particularly delighted in the episode entitled ‘Why are bishops so boring?” It made me laugh out loud!

If you have a mobile phone then you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or the Windows equivalent and download the episodes when released. Or you can visit this site and click on the episodes to hear them without downloading them via the internet link. Running at around 20 minutes they make an excellent coffee break treat or something to listen to whilst cooking and doing the household chores.

The latest episode has a distinctly St. Anselm’s feel to it as both the guests are drawn from our parish community. Fr. Benedict Kiely, our preacher this Sunday, and Tim Stanley of the Daily Telegraph are pondering the reason why so many business are meddling in politics and showing blatant liberal bias whilst then hypocritically dealing in nations whose human rights record, where liberality is concerned, is frankly appalling.

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