End of term

Congratulations to all the St. Anselm’s students who sat examinations in recent weeks be they at degree level, A-Level, GCSE level or just end of year tests. We have been praying for you at Mass.

As your church family we want for you to flourish in accordance with God’s will and your working hard is a necessary part of this process. If the exams have gone well that is excellent news. If you struggled then do remember that your dignity and worth is not found in examination scores. So pick yourself up, try again or look to other pursuits for your flourishing. Several of the most successful business people I know struggled academically!

Do let me know results as they come in so we can celebrate with you. Amongst those graduating this year I know Cam has done very well but still awaits confirmation of his final grade. Meanwhile Lydia, a member of our choir, gained a 2:1. Fantastic! She is one of the beautiful voices in the clip above singing some Tavener to devastating effect as part of the Exeter University Chapel choir. I know her love of singing began in our more modest choir. So they should all take a bow as well. From acorns…

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