With sincere gratitude

We recently held a much needed stewardship drive in the Parish to enable us to budget effectively and better meet our costs as a parish.

Thank you to those who have reviewed their giving. We are sincerely grateful to you. If you have not yet responded please do so by returning the form to church. We really do need every worshipper pulling together to enable us to flourish in accordance with God’s will in the years ahead.

Ours is a small parish (100-140 on any given Sunday) Yet what we have achieved is significant. We have seen the congregation double, have seen a tired hall transformed into beautiful space for worship, have built a hall and renovated grounds. And we have given generously to various charities. None of this would have been possible without the love and support of a fantastic congregation and some amazing well wishers who have donated to the cause. Thank you.

What we have achieved is especially amazing when you consider that we surrendered all savings to Paddock Wood when Pembury became autonomous (on arrival of the Ordinariate) and that we receive no help from above. All that has been achieved then started with the bank account at zero and less than 100 worshippers. So there is much to rejoice in.

The reason for this latest stewardship drive is to honour the generosity of recent years. We want to secure our long term future by putting the church on a firm financial footing in the years ahead. And whilst the church is now looking great many challenges still face us as a parish. Not least an annual deficit (until hall loans are repaid) and a presbytery in a very poor state of repair indeed. So we continue to need your help.

Regular stewardship drives are also necessary because of inflation. Since our last campaign, some six years ago, inflation has risen to the point that every pound pledged then is only worth 87p today! So please look again and give generously. If any blog reader wishes to support our parish financially then please get in touch with me direct.

Finally thank you for all that has been given. We are truly grateful for every act of generosity. Without it we couldn’t survive. My pledge to the congregation is that we will use your gift prudently and wisely. We will seek to ensure the investment is worth it by continuing to keep costs as low as possible and punch well above our weight as a parish.

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