Welcome George

Yesterday afternoon a very special Sung mass was held at St. Anselm’s during which baby George received the sacrament of holy baptism. Along with parents, John and Laura, he is a regular member of our congregation. I am delighted to say that he was very well behaved only having the tiniest of whiffle when, to his surprise, I soaked him with holy water.

The service was followed by delicious food and drink in the hall. The congregation comprised family and friends and, in a first for me, two godparents joined us from the United States of America courtesy of an iPad! They were not only able to witness the ceremony in real time but also answered all questions asked of them. It worked surprisingly well. The iPad being held by Laura’s infamous brother- the excellent apologist and pro-life campaigner Peter Williams. It was good to catch up with him.

We have a good number of young families joining our parish at present which is genuinely wonderful news. In September a special BBQ is being planned to help bring them together socially that they might support one another in raising their children in the faith. Please pray for them.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome George

  1. Dear Father, how did the godparents signed the baptism registers? Asking as a matter of canonical interest: can they really can be said to have assisted to the baptism and be legally witnesses of it?

    1. They didn’t sign but were listed. They witnessed the entire service and were therefore present, if not physically. So much so that they answered the questions asked of them. It wasn’t a perfect situation but it allowed devout friends of family to take on a spiritual duty. I have no doubt they will be sincere and committed Godparents.

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