Catholics in Japan: day 1

Yesterday the St. Anselm’s summer holiday club, for Primary aged children, went off with a bang! This year’s theme is Catholics in Japan which has afforded us many exciting topics for craft and activities.

The first thing the children learnt was that Japan is a nation made up of thousands of islands, though most people only live on the four main islands. The country is also home to lots of volcanoes- and so the first craft activity saw the four groups create their own. It is rumoured that on the final day, thanks to the marvels of science (some bottles of pop and a packet of mentoes) these four volcanoes is set to erupt! Time will tell…

The children also learnt about Samurai and how they used katanas to fight. And so in the next activity they made their own which will be decorated with brightly coloured tape tomorrow once the paint is dry.

The devotional talk explained to the children how most Japanese people are not religious. However many attach themselves to Bhuddism or Shintuism for family festivals. There are however 500,000 Catholics in Japan today who can trace their origins back to the Jesuit missions of the 16th Century. This led into a talk about the martyrdom of St. Paul Miki and companions.

After lunch the children helped create a collage. They also got to try on a kimono. We are fortunate that one of Hayley’s friends, Tomi, is Japanese and able to ensure that what we are teaching is correct. She also has lots of authentic Japanese items for the children to see.

The final craft on the first today saw the children produce beautiful fans. There was also time for lots of games and laughter and a shared picnic lunch. Lots of fun and two more days to go….Watch this space.

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