Catholics in Japan: Day 3

The final day of the children’s holiday club saw the topic shift to Japanese sport. Little surprise that Sumo was centre stage, the children making a fabulous game in which they tap the sides of a box to try and knock their opponents player over. They loved it.

The children also drew images onto shrinkable plastic which were baked and hung on string to form pendents. As you can see it was very effective. Hello Kitty featured prominently amongst the girls work. Can you believe this Japanese icon is 45! More astonishing is that Nintendo, originally a company trading in cards, was formed in 1889!

The children had coloured some fish yesterday with felt tipped pens. These were sprayed with water to produce a stunning effect. The fish are then placed onto sticks with string to form Japanese festival flags. Carp feature heavily in Japanese culture.

The children had lots of help these last three days. Firstly from the helpers-older children who were on hand to assist with the trickier parts of craft and buddy up with any who required additional help or friendship.

And of course we could not run the club without an army of mummy leaders who not only watch over children and helpers but ensure coffee is in good supply. As you can see, despite the hard work, they are still smiling. Chief amongst them were Hayley and Tomi who planned the craft activity.

After the craft was completed, and final games played, we finished the club with a Sung Mass in church amidst clouds of incense. It was opportune that the feast of St. Ignatius Loyola fell this day- for he it was who sent St. Francis Xavier to preach the faith in Japan. At the Mass we asked for the intercession of the saints who were our special focus these past three days- St. Paul Miki and companions, St. Magdalene of Nagasaki and Blessed Justo Takayama- the Samurai of Christ.

Then we headed out to erupt the volcanoes. Alas my substituting coca-cola for pink lemonade to accompany some mentos led to an underwhelming end result. It was more of a pathetic fizzing than the anticipated eruption. Oh well- at least we could laugh about it. Another great year is complete.

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