Meanwhile in Bogota

Father Nicholas is in Colombia at present. Pictured above is chief of the Ticuna tribe. He spent an afternoon complaining amiably to Father Nicholas that it is difficult to find a replacement. The young men of the tribe prefer the bright lights of the modern city to the ancient customs of the primitive jungle. They are off chasing the high life instead of showing interest in their own customs and traditions. Father Nicholas explained the same could be said in regard to recruiting decent priests. They then shared lunch together. The night was spent in a jungle tree house. Mrs. Leviseur reports that it wasn’t the most comfortable night of her life. It was however spiritually beneficial in that it led her to a great deal of fervent prayer.

A reminder that next week I begin my own vacation. Not to Bogota and the surrounding jungle but to Ireland. We are staying in County Down for a family holiday, in easy reach of County Cavan and Enniskillen where the Irish side of Hayley’s family are found. It should be great fun.

Please note that there will be no midweek Mass from Wednesday of this week until I return to parish duties on Sunday 25th August. The only exception will be Thursday 15th when Mass will be offered at 7pm for the feast of the Assumption.

During the ten days that I am away in Ireland the Sunday 8am Mass is being covered by Fr. Alastair Ferguson. The 9:15am and 11am will be taken by Fr. John Greatbatch, who is house and dog sitting for me. Do welcome him to the parish and support these services if you are resident.

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