Pembury Lectures launch

A reminder that our special lecture series which runs throughout 2019/20, to mark 10 years of the announcement of the Ordinariate and the Canonisation of Blessed John Henry Newman, will begin next Wednesday, 25th September. The evening will begin with Low Mass at 7pm followed by refreshments (donations of cake welcome) and then the lecture at 8pm followed by a short discussion.

Our first speaker is Fr. Marcus Holden, a great friend of the parish, who will speak on the theme ‘Our Father who art in heaven.’ 

Fr. Holden studied at Oxford before training for the priesthood at the English college in Rome. After ordination he served two parishes as assistant priest; in Balham where he helped build up a thriving congregation, and later St. Augustine’s in Tunbridge Wells where he gave support to the fledgling Ordinariate group that later made its home in Pembury. Fr. Marcus then moved to Ramsgate to become parish priest and oversaw a multi-million pound restoration of Pugin’s shrine to St. Augustine. He currently serves as parish priest at  St. Bede’s Clapham Park. 

Outside of parish ministry Father Marcus establish the Evangelium summer camps, which run for young adults every August to ensure they better understand the faith. He also co-authored the Evangelium Course which we use in this parish to instruct candidates for confirmation. Fr. Marcus helps run the UK branch of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, a support group for clergy passionate about upholding the faith in fullness. And he has starred in many films produced by the excellent St. Antony Communications. He is a great friend to this parish and we are glad to welcome him back to launch our lecture series.

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