Harvest 2019

A reminder that this Sunday we are keeping our Harvest Festival at St. Anselm’s. Please bring non perishable produce to Mass which will be donated to the local food bank for distribution to the needy. We shall, of course, sing all the favourite Harvest hymns and all will be safely gathered in during a procession of goods at the end of Mass. We will also pray for all who farm the earth and help to put food on the table.

Pembury is a village that faces the urban setting of Tunbridge Wells on one side but out onto rich farmland and woodland on the other. For centuries the fertile land of the surrounding area has promised good harvests to those who tend the land. Indeed recent excavations revealed that people have been growing food here since at least the iron age.

The most famous Kent crops are apples and hops. And Apples have been grown here in Pembury since time immemorial. Today the excellent Dowiningbury farm, which has a small shop selling local produce, continues the trend. The famous oast houses attached to the farm, pictured below, speak of the hops that were also grown here. Why not pay them a visit and help our local businesses to thrive?

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