Last night’s lecture

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Last night we were treated to an excellent lecture from Fr. Andrew Pinsent which looked at the supposed conflict between faith and science and proved to us that this “conflict” is a gross distortion with little root in reality. The truth is actually that Christian culture has provided us with great scientific discovery and endeavour and contributed to much of what is important in this field.

Sadly the recording equipment let me down, actually it is worse than that as the lack of recording was due to human error…mine! But fortunately the same lecture was recently given in Ireland at the Iona Institute which promotes the place of marriage and family life in religion. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Last night’s lecture”

  1. Great stuff.
    The reference to Father Lemaitre was particularly telling. Professor Brian Cox made the most fleeting of references to Lemaitre on one of his programmes and it was Lemaitre absolutely no “Father” about it.
    Perhaps schools could use this. It would certainly provide a telling response to the endless tsunami of secular anger.

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