Listen again: Tim Stanley

Yesterday evening we were treated to an excellent lecture by Tim Stanley, political correspondent for the Daily Telegraph and member of our congregation. Tim used the title ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ to explore the age old tension between faith and politics. With a general election looming he wanted to ask if it is even wise to attempt to build heaven on earth?

You can listen to the talk by clicking on the link above. It is also available here on the page where the previous two lectures in the series can also be found. I commend it to you. Indeed I would liken it to a delicious figgy pudding for the mind; crammed full of interesting morsels to fire the imagination.

We take a break from the Pembury lectures in December due to the heavy demands of Advent and Christmas. The next lecture therefore takes place on January 29th when the guest speaker for ‘Thy Will be done’ is Fr. Alexander Sherbrooke of St. Patrick’s church in Soho.

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