Anselmian gin auction

Alas Ebay took down the auction for the first ever 500ml of Anselmian gin because they do not allow the sale of alcohol. Mea culpa. This is a shame as the bottle was going for £45 at the time the auction was pulled. Is that person still out there? Will they offer again?

We shall have to begin the auction again on this website. Simply leave a bid in the message section of this post. And only post your bid if higher than the current total. We shall end the auction next Sunday evening. Happy bidding!

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5 thoughts on “Anselmian gin auction

  1. You have reminded me about the Medieval “Church Ales”.
    The blog seems to have been quiet while I’ve been away from it. We had the interesting experience of attending Catholic Sunday Mass, in the Latin Rite, in an Orthodox church. The congregation had a mix of many languages so the Polish priest used Latin.
    On a different topic my Canadian contacts tell me that many Canadians think the most interesting thing they’ve had on TV for some time has been the UK political wrangling.

      1. Sold to Matthew McNulty – I shall have it waiting for you. Thank you. With a couple of bottles sold to rugby chaps we have raised £230 plus any tax relief. Wonderful!

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