Carol service

This evening a goodly congregation gathered in Saint Anselm’s for our service of 9 lessons and carols. The choir were not as numerous as that of King’s College Cambridge, seen in the video above, yet they nevertheless led the singing beautifully. And after the carols we enjoyed minced pies and refreshments in the Hine Room.

On Christmas Eve morning the priests of the parish will be in the confessional awaiting penitents. Meanwhile the Christmas trees will be erected and decorated and the church cleaned. Pop in if you can.

At 2pm a rehearsal will take place for all the children wanting to take part in this years nativity play which is the centrepiece of our crib service at 3pm. I am currently being nagged by my own children to allow our dog, Coco, to take a part. One of the Kings is the desired role at present! The service at 3pm is particularly suitable for primary school aged children.

At 5pm we hold the vigil Mass of Christmas Eve. This service counts towards the obligation and is particularly suitable for those with very young children and for the frail who cannot get out late at night.

At 11:30pm we will hold Midnight Mass, the most important service of the Christmas period. If at all possible do please try and support this service which enables us to gather at the darkest point of night to await the light that came into the world.

And finally on Christmas Day morning there will be Sung Mass in church with carols at 10am to which all are very welcome to attend. Along with the Midnight Mass and Vigil this counts towards the obligation Catholics have to attend Mass at Christmas.

It is rumoured there is a very special gift for the parish to be unveiled at the Christmas service this year. Come along to see what it might be. For those further afield watch this space…

Christmas is nearly here!

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