All I want for Christmas…

We are deeply indebted to a generous benefactor, who wishes to remain anonymous, for a wonderful Christmas gift for the congregation. A vintage statue of Saint Anselm our patron has arrived in church. Isn’t he just wonderful? Yesterday people were simply delighted to find him waiting for them as they gathered to worship. He will be blessed this morning.

The image arrived, all the way from Holland, yesterday morning at 6:45am. So began a very long day indeed. In the morning several members of the congregation helped unpack him, erect trees and decorate the church whilst Father Nicholas and I heard a steady stream of confessions.

In the afternoon we held our annual nativity play as part of the crib service. This year our French bulldog Coco even had a role playing the part of one of the Kings. The children were in good spirits and all performed admirably.

The 5pm vigil Mass and Midnight Mass went well with especially good attendance at Midnight. Now I set off for the Mass of Christmas morning. A happy Christmas to all readers of this blog. May it bring you many blessings.

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