Epiphany chalk

It is the feast of the Epiphany which is one of my favourite seasons in the church year. Not only because there are so many wonderful Epiphany carols but also because there are some lovely little customs as well.

One of these is the marking the doors of the faithful with blessed chalk. Why not mark your door as well? If your parish does not follow the custom then non-blessed chalk could be used.

Simply gather the family in front of your front door for a short time of devotion. Somebody must then chalk the following inscription 20 + K +M +B + 20 as the following prayer is recited:

The 3 wise men

K      Kaspar

M      Melchior and

B      Balthasar followed the star of God’s Son, Jesus, who became man

20    two thousand 

20   and twenty years ago. 

+ +   May Christ bless our home

+ +   and remain with us throughout this new year. 

Almighty God, incline your ear. May you bless us and all who are gathered here.  Send your holy angel who will defend us and fill with grace all who live here. May our home be a place of love, hospitality and welcome. May you always be made welcome here. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

You can then write ‘ora pro nobis’ (pray for us) underneath and chalk a small crown above each of the three letters representing the magi. 

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