Fr. Benedict on EWTN

Our associate priest, Fr. Benedict Kiely, who does heroic work for the persecuted church in the Middle East, was interviewed on EWTN this week regarding the situation for Christians in the middle East in light of the increased tensions between Iran and the USA.

You can visit the page of Fr. Benedict’s charity, Nasarean.org, by following this link. Do please make a donation if possible. This coming Lent our parish will be supporting the work officially.

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2 thoughts on “Fr. Benedict on EWTN

  1. Thanks for this. Why do you refer to Fr Ben as ‘your associate priest’? I’ve not seen that expression before in the Catholic Church; it sounds a bit Protestant as an expression?


    1. I wasn’t aware it was very protestant. Surely protestantism speaks of ministers not priests? I simply want to convey that he is part of our family here, and helps out when he can, but not formally as he has other duties and responsibilities. What term would you suggest?

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