Pembury lecture 5: On earth as it is in heaven

There is only a short turn around between the January and February lectures. Meaning that our next talk is taking place next Wednesday, 12th February, when our guest speaker will be Revd. Dr. Michael Ward, a senior research fellow at Blackfriars Oxford and a priest of the Ordinariate. The title of the February lecture is ‘on earth as it is in heaven’ and, as ever, it is Low Mass at 7pm, refreshments at 7:30pm and talk at 8pm.

Father Michael is a leading expert on C. S. Lewis having written a highly acclaimed book, ‘Planet Narnia: the seven heavens in the imagination of C. S. Lewis’ and co-edited ‘The Cambridge Companion to C. S. Lewis. On the 50th anniversary of Lewis’s death Fr. Ward was honoured to unveil a permanent national memorial to the writer in Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey. As part of this initiative, which he helped organise, he produced a volume of commemorative essays entitled ‘C.S. Lewis at Poet’s corner’. As well as writing prolifically Fr. Ward presented the BBC1 documentary ‘the Narnia Code’ in 2009.

Though based at Blackfriars in Oxford, Fr. Michael is also employed as a professor of Apologetics at Houston Baptist University in Texas, where he teaches a course every year. From 2009-2012 he served as Chaplain to St. Peter’s college in the University of Oxford but left this post in order to join the Catholic church as a member, and now priest, of the Ordinariate.

His great claim to fame, however, is none of the above but rather that he was an extra in the James Bond film ‘The world is not enough’ when he handed some x-ray specs to Bond himself. Now that is most impressive!

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