St. Anselm’s goes viral

From Monday a new schedule begins at St. Anselm’s which will last until this period of national self isolation comes to an end or harder lock down laws come into effect. This is how it will pan out:

Every morning I will offer Mass at 8:30am in the presence of my family. There will be no access to the public but you can send intentions and these will be advertised along with each Mass.

At 9am the doors will be opened and you are welcome to visit the church for prayer and devotion. The Sacrament will be exposed on the altar. Clergy will be available to hear confessions and chat but we will demand you remain a safe distance apart. If the church is busy people will be asked to wait outside until it empties.

At noon each day the church will close. Should the clergy become sick then the church will close altogether until the recommended period of home isolation is ended. This information will be made available on this blog.

This schedule means that whilst we cannot gather together at the same time we can nevertheless keep the spiritual life of the church going. Do please pop in occasionally and do your part. Please don’t hang around for very long as we must ensure we are not busy and minimise risk.

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