Keeping the faith

Work is going on behind the scenes to enable me to live stream Mass from St. Anselm’s each day. If I can make this work then information will be given on this blog regarding how to access it.

Until then consider making a spiritual communion each day. I have made a short order of service to enable you to do this. It is available on the pages link of this blog and via this link. Now to some good resources:

The Catholic Herald’s ‘Magnificat’ is a wonderful resource that provides daily readings for each day as well as prayers and devotions. It is being made available for free online during this difficult time just follow the link above. Alternatively you can pay for the print edition to be delivered to your home. There is a special offer on in which you get four months for just £14 – telephone 0207 4483607.

St. Anthony communications is run by Christian Holden, brother of Father Marcus Holden. There are some wonderful devotional programmes to watch their as well as things to purchase. Check it out and spend some time in the week watching inspiring material to boost your Catholic faith.

Universalis is the place to go for the daily readings at Mass as well as orders for morning and evening prayer.

Another excellent resource is the Walsingham live stream. Tune into the daily Mass there each day via this link. And there is also EWTN which has excellent content.

And, of course, Saint Anselm’s will be open Monday – Friday from 9am until 12pm. So long as you respect rules on social distancing, and display no symptoms of illness, you are welcome to come along and pray before the sacrament and light a candle.

However you choose to do it – make sure prayer plays a part in each and every day. Structure and discipline are good things to instil in times of uncertainty.

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3 thoughts on “Keeping the faith

  1. Thank you Fr Ed. I have been watching EWTN, but it will be lovely if you manage to livestream Mass from St Anselm’s!

  2. Just a thought.
    We need to pray for all those working on “the front line” in this crisis and especially our priests. Many may well be alone and in need of support. Perhaps some blinkered hierarchial eyes will be opened to the need for married priests. After all, the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches and the Orthodox have them as a matter of course and the Latin Rite used to so have. Our first bishop and pope was a married man with a family (there must be a possibility that some of the other apostles were married too).

  3. I can also highly recommend the Monastery of Le Barroux, Provence, which streams the Divine Office (but not Matins) and daily Mass via their website. The chant is magnificent

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