Holy Week revised

The good news is that live streamed internet mass is proving a roaring success in this time of quarantine. Some 558 people tuned into our Palm Sunday service which is much better than our usual congregations. Do leave a comment when viewing – it is lovely to know who is participating.

Having thought hard about Holy Week, and having always refused to do anything in church that cannot be done well, I am amending the programme of live streamed services in Pembury. So please take note:

Maundy Thursday: We will live stream a reduced version of Mass at 7pm. There will be no foot washing, reception of oils or procession and watch.

Good Friday: We will live stream Newman’s Stations of the Cross at 2:15pm followed by a simplified version of the Good Friday liturgy at 3pm. The sung Passion will be replaced with a reading from the passion narratives.

Holy Saturday: The Easter Vigil is a complex liturgy that relies heavily on servers and congregation and which moves from place to place. This makes filming and celebrating a dignified and uplifting service difficult. I have therefore taken the decision not to live stream mass on this day.

Easter Day: At 9:30am we will make up for the loss of the Easter Vigil as we live stream a Sung Mass of Easter Day beginning with the singing of the exultet. Do join us on this very holy day.

I hope this pattern will enable us to perform our Easter duties with as much reverence and prayerfulness as possible in these trying and extraordinary times. I hope you will join us for all of these services.

On a personal note my father, Barry, has been taken back into hospital as his sepsis has returned and he remains paralysed from the waist down due to lesions on the spine caused by suspected neuro-sarcoidosis. He cannot be visited due to quarantine regulations and is miles from home in any case. I would appreciate your prayers for him and for my mother.

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9 thoughts on “Holy Week revised

  1. Sadly I have come to the same conclusion regarding the vigil, painful though it is to give it up. Interesting though about the Exsultet for Easter morning, although there are bits that will not make sense.

    Offering Mass or Barryt at 6pm

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