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Like all small parishes and businesses the coronavirus rather caught our parish on the hop. This has meant a sudden drop in income from collections just at a time when we were embarking on two small but exciting projects.

The first involves the transportation, renovation and installation of new pews for the church. These arrive at lunchtime today and they are not just any old pews but of huge historic, cultural and spiritual significance. These antique pews come from Littlemore in Oxford having been commissioned, on his birthday, by the patron of the Ordinariate, St. John Henry Newman. Because the pews were buttressed against a wall, and mounted on a small step, they are not even and require some care from a skilled carpenter.

The second project is a little more functional but just as important. On Easter Day the roof of our disabled lavatory collapsed due to an ingress of water caused by shoddy workmanship in the past. We have therefore had to entirely rebuild and refelt the roof at short notice.

In order to make up for lost collections and pay for these exciting projects I have set up a ‘go fund me’ page for the parish. Do share it with friends and contacts who might be interested in helping us. And do thank them.

On the subject of thanksgiving I want to applaud again all those members of the congregation who responded so magnificently during our last major giving appeal. Both those who organised fund raising events and those who switched their giving to bankers order. The fact that most of our congregation now pay by standing order or direct debit has meant we are not in total crisis due to this pandemic. Thank you so much for this.

Now GO FUND US by following this link!

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