Pods and timetables

I am delighted to report that our pod system, for signing people up to a set mass on Sunday, is working well. We currently have 18 signed up for 8am, 22 signed up for 9am, 17 signed up at 10am and 15 signed up at 11am. Do keep those names rolling in. If we require overspill then we can offer an additional evening Mass on Sunday or else during the week.

Please note that the public celebration of Mass will resume in Pembury on Sunday 5th July. At this point our wonderful volunteers, who have helped open the church for private prayer, will be stood down and we return to a normal pattern of worship. Low Mass at 12pm on Tuesdays, 7pm on Wednesdays, 10am on Thursdays and Fridays and 9am on Saturdays. (However please note that there will be no Mass on Tuesday 7th July)

Because many isolating and isolated people have benefited from our live streamed Mass this practice will continue after normal worship resumes. And do please note that the Sunday obligation is still suspended. This means there is no pressure for you to attend Mass if you prefer to stay home. The risk of infection has not gone away entirely and it is for each person to make their own decision regarding when they return to church life.

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