Power of prayer

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for my father. Thanks to the power of social media this is quite a lot of people.

In January, following surgery on his prostate, dad collapsed at home and found himself unable to walk, disabled from the waist down. After several weeks in hospital he was diagnosed with sepsis and neuro-sarcoidosis along with several other serious complications.

When Covid struck he was moved to an outlying care home, one that specialises in rehabilitation, and told to prepare for the fact that he is unlikely to walk again. The focus was to help him build up strength to enable him to move from his bed to a wheelchair unaided.

Sadly dad’s rehabilitation was cut short when he was rushed to hospital a couple of weeks later with full septic shock. The photograph above shows just how hard it hit him. The doctors telephoned to warn the family that, in their professional opinion, he would not survive another night.

Thus it was that I rushed to the Covid ward where he was inexplicably placed until he tested negative. He was unconscious and struggling for each and every breath and, having seen many dying people, I anointed him immediately, beseeching the prayers of St. John Henry Newman.

In the early hours of the next morning the telephone rang and I was braced for the worst. But to everyone’s surprise, not least the medics, it was my father who spoke. He had not only pulled through but regained consciousness. And so, with glorious English understatement, he informed me in a groggy voice “I wasn’t feeling too good yesterday.” More amazing still he later tested negative for Covid for a fourth time and was moved to a safer place.

Dad is now back in the rehab centre and is being well cared for. He is obviously weak and easily tired, the last few weeks having been grim. However he is making extraordinary progress much to the delight of his carers. Yesterday, for the first time since lockdown, I was allowed to visit and couldn’t believe the change in him. His colour has returned, he was in good spirits and determined to get better.

With 12 co-morbidities present the family need to be cautious, apparently the septic shock could return any time. He remains a sick man who will need care moving forward. Nevertheless his recovery has exceeded all expectations- so thank you to those who have been praying for him, quite clearly those prayers have been efficacious.

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2 thoughts on “Power of prayer

  1. I am so pleased to hear news of your father Ed, I have asked Jonathan several times if he had heard anything. As you say, it will be a long road yet but I, for one, never doubted the power of prayer. I will pray for his continuing improvement. God bless you all

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