Christmas at St. Anselms


Preparations spiritual and practical

Tomorrow from 9am-12pm people will be dropping into church to help decorate, flower arrange, erect the tree, hang the lights, polish the brass, dust, clean and generally get everything ready for the Christmas devotions. Carols will be piped as we do this happy industry. And Father Nicholas and myself will be available in the quiet of the side chapel to hear confessions. During the morning and in the early afternoon the priests will visit the sick and bring Christmas communion to the housebound.

The Crib Service

3pm we hold our crib service which is open to everyone but focused on the children. They will perform a simple nativity play (arrive at 2pm for rehearsal if you want to be in it!) and some favourite carols will be sung. The lights will be blown onto the Christmas tree with a little bit of festive magic and we will end with devotions around the crib in candlelight.

Vigil Mass

5pm we open our doors for the first Christmas Mass. Carols replace the hymns for a service that is particularly suitable for those who are unable to get out late at night. At the end of the Mass we visit the crib which is incensed and blessed with holy water.

Midnight Mass

11:30pm is the start of Midnight Mass and the jewel in the crown of our Christmas celebrations. All the stops are pulled out and the choir will lead the singing of carols. We end with a visit to the crib for adoration of the Christ child. After Mass corks are popped and a glass of something sparkling is enjoyed by those present. This is a night of celebration and rejoicing. Then it is home to bed ahead of…

Mass of the Day

At 10am we celebrate the Mass of the day, bleary eyed but happy no doubt from all that has gone before! Carols are sung and children are invited to bring a small gift to open. What will Father Nicholas have to open this year?

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4 thoughts on “Christmas at St. Anselms

    1. We are a small parish and the demand wasn’t there. Many of our people drive to be here. If they want a quick mass there are closer options.

  1. As an appalling apostate – probably the only one who follows this blog – writing from Liverpool, may I wish all at St. Anselm’s and all others in what appears to be such a lovely wider community at Pembury, a very Merry Christmas. I love everything about the Ordinariate and I take great consolation and joy from the tales of your parish and its life and growth. God (in whom I am not presently inclined to believe) knows why.

    Keep up the good stuff and more bits about the village would be nice please.

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