After a tedious crawl along the M25 I finally arrived at the Oratory School in Reading. And what a great place to be, alongside lots of young vibrant Catholics, for the Evangelium conference 2014.

As ever the food is delicious, the company good, the worship edifying and the content stimulating. This evening Father Andrew Pinsent guiding us through a look at how science guides our thinking in relation to miracles.

A busy weekend awaits then, my own involvement being to sit on an apologetics panel and to deliver the final lecture on evangelism. It is a great honour to be involved. This is my fourth conference and it really is going from strength to strength.


Oh dear. Yesterday somebody managed to delete my entire database whilst tinkering about with the website internals. Its a good job I love that person dearly and am a forgiving chap! It does however mean that, as of this moment, we have lost all data relating to this blog. So please be patient as we try to resume a normal service.

The good news is that I have tracked down the data on the old blog via a website that archives the internet. So the information is out there…I just need to work out how to restore it to this blog??!

Any helpful tekkies out there do get in touch if you know the answer. This does not mean I need people telling me what I should have done re backing up, etc!! The horse has bolted.

This afternoon I shoot of to Reading for the Evangelium conference where I am speaking. The great news for the parish is that they get a stellar replacement priest in Fr. Stephen Langridge. Formerly of All Souls in Balham he now heads up the vocations work in the diocese. I have told him to take a special collection to assist that work and I ask you to come to church, if a local, with your pockets full!