BBC news item has been posted which, on face value, seems like harmless fun. A poke at middle aged men and their dreary voting habits. Yet beneath the funny veneer lurks something chilling. A further demonisation of those who refuse to embrace the liberal agenda. ‘Centrist dads’ are to be mocked, apparently, because they “cannot come to terms with the world and politics changing.” What sort of change I wonder? And what makes it so true that resisting equates to not coping?

I fear it is but another example of illiberal liberalism; the denigrating of the alternative viewpoint. An attempt to shut down debate, via Big Brother mockery, adding to the erosion of freedom and expression so widespread in the UK today. Consider also the fallout from Brexit when a clear majority vote was not respected by the liberal elites; rather demands were made for a second vote because the ‘correct answer’ was not given. Those voting against discounted in the press as being bigoted, ill educated and unworthy of consideration. 

I am not demonising the left nor praising the right here. But suggesting the gravest danger to Western culture is coming from neither of those historically obvious places. Rather it stems from a more subtle menace infecting both parties today.  From the threat of an extremist neo-liberalism. That which compels leftist liberals to denounce voices that oppose them with the language of hate, and liberal conservatives to press ahead, without bothering to consult the electorate, with a total re-invention of marriage and the family. 

The BBC article, when you unpack it, is just a new insult, from liberal elites, for those who defy them. The neo-liberals, red or blue, cannot cope with alternative viewpoints anymore. Any disagreement defies rational explanation for they now sincerely believe themselves to be sole arbiters of truth. This is the very definition of extremism; to have become so convinced by your own rhetoric as to be a threat to liberty itself. You no longer listen to other views you simply trash them. Just witness how laws have been changed, in the last decade, to punish any who fail to bend the knee to the new neoliberal flag; the one painted in a rainbow. Even the ancient Judeo-Christian moral teaching which built the West is no longer to be tolerated but driven out. It is very much a case of ‘my way or the highway’.

In the 20th Century we witnessed two diabolic disasters. Right wing atheistic Big State philosophy taken to its ultimate conclusion in the Third Reich. Left wing atheistic Big State philosophy taken to its ultimate conclusion in the gulags of Socialist Russia. Both led to death and misery.  It seems we are now intent on completing the set and trialling Liberal atheistic Big State philosophy. What folly. I predict the result will be the same as in the former experimentation.

And of course that experiment is now in advanced stages. Hence the space for acceptable thinking narrows by the day and people only dare whisper criticism of political correctness for fear of who is listening. Nobody doubts the cost of not submitting to secular liberalism. But that is how extremist thinking works. First its followers encourage it, then, when it isn’t accepted, force it on us; by point of sword if necessary. So the grassroots of this nation – dare I say the centrist dads- need wake up before it is too late. Our grandparents and great-grandparents gave their lives in two world wars for liberty, democracy and freedom of thought and expression. What will we do to keep our nation democratic and free?

We need a Britain in which people can disagree so long as they respect one another without fear of reprisal. A place where people of no faith and all faiths can live. The Britain we grew up in- to put it another way. Not a world in which one acceptable view is presented to us from on high, via media, education and government, and all who fail to adopt it are driven to the margins.

Early this afternoon a goodly gang of St. Anselmites descended upon the parish of St. Thomas in Sevenoaks to claim ownership of an ancient font which, for many years, has been unused and weathered by the elements. Task one was cleaning with scrubbing brush and warm water. A task trusted to the children but watched over by Father Nicholas.

Then it was time for muscle. The chaps working hard for what proved the most taxing and ardous part of the afternoon. Moving the font, which weighs well in excess of 0.8 tons, to where it was needed. It was no easy task.

Having spent nearly an hour, rolling the font on a collapsing trolley to the side of the road, we finally managed to drop it into position on the ramps of the trailer. We then pushed it up the ramp and onto the trailer for transit. ~Then we headed for St. Anselm’s with gusto.

As we were man-handling font onto the trailer something extraordinary occurred. Adrian, who had sold us a font lid via Ebay, texted a message to state that he had, on whim, decided to drive from Mount Snowdon to visit us in Pembury!!??? Thereby ensuring the lid to the font arrived seconds after the font itself. The latest curious story, imbued with spiritual significance, that begs belief in the Holy Spirit as regards the growth of the Ordinariate in Pembury.

Having moved font and lid into place, the working party moved to the pub. Stories and laughter were shared and we marked another chapter in the evolution of liturgical life at St. Anselm’s. There is cleaning to be done but our humble little parish now has a font worthy of baptismal celebration; thanks be to God!