Today, as well as being my wife’s birthday, is the feast of Saint Wilgefortis, a little known martyr referred to as ‘the bearded virgin’. Hers is a curious and unfortunate tale which, though it may first sound preposterous and amusing, is actually worthy of deeper consideration. My own view of this Saint has changed dramatically […]

Nineveh is mentioned repeatedly in scripture. It was the heart of the Assyrian empire first mentioned in the book of Genesis, and also by Nahum, Hezzekiah and other old testament prophets. It is where Jonah went to preach after his fishy escape plan failed. And ever since the first days of the Early Church it […]

Yesterday evening Fr. Nicholas, pictured above taking ice-cream with Jemima, kindly shared the fruit of his train journey home. Having received a highly questionable email, pertaining to be from a born again Kuwaiti Christian named “Mrs Como”, who was offering millions of pounds in exchange for access to his bank account, he composed this rather […]

A huge problem for authentic Catholic witness is overcoming the prejudice born of ignorance. Take, for example, a tweet of the Humanist Society this morning which claims “Faith schools have a negative impact on social cohesion and foster the segregation of children along ethnic and religious lines..” A sentence so profoundly ignorant as to be laughable. […]

We witnessed evil at play in Manchester this week. Children and young people targeted by a depraved man. What darkness must have infested his soul to lead him to this demonic conclusion. And after the prayers and tears a nation is, again, left aghast. Why? Why must we endure these ever frequent horrors of terrorism? Why so much bloodshed and […]

This dear little boy went to church on Palm Sunday to worship God alongside his family and community. He never made it to the dismissal at the end of Mass because his life was cruelly taken by wicked men. He is one of 44 martyrs of the Coptic Church in Egypt killed by Muslim fanatics in […]

Another hideous murder by a Muslim fanatic, this time in France where a brother priest was martyred at the altar, and still the voice of elites refuse to confront the issue honestly. You know how the drill goes; we are told  Islam is not the problem, that the actions of the few are not representative, that all religions have bigots […]

Yesterday afternoon was busy with registration and welcome and meeting lots of interesting new people. There are nearly 1000 delegates here from 55 different countries. Dinner at my table was spent with three Americans, one Spaniard, an Irishman who works in Angola, an Argentine, a Lithuanian, a Ghanaian (yes he knows fr Jo!) and a […]

Last night Benedict Rogers treated us to a cracking lecture in which he shared some truly extraordinary tales. Tales arising from his life campaigning for religious freedom and speaking out for the powerless on behalf of Christian Solidarity Worldwide. This is a truly impressive Christian man. We heard about; a visit to North Korea, his being deported from Burma, […]

As the Synod on the family drew to a close I was teased by a former Anglican colleague who simply said “Welcome home!” I had to laugh. He is right. It was/is hard to believe this Synod was a product of the Catholic church with its fine reputation for clarity and fidelity to revealed truth. Instead it contained all the hallmarks of an Anglican […]